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F3B Female Savannah Kittens !

Updated 01/04/15

NO SHIPPING! Location:Hampton Roads,VA.

Please answer adoption questions at the bottom of this page to be considered for adoption

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F3 Savannah Female #1

Born February 11th,2014

Her brown eyes are beautiful! She is such a sweetheart and very playful.

She gets along great with all of our cats!

f3 savannah kitten

Contact >(757) 508-0369 TEXT


F3 Savannah Female #2

Born February 11th,2014

This F3 girl is a bit shy at first. She gets along great with our other cats.

f3 sv


Contact >(757) 508-0369 TEXT


All prospective buyers are screened before a cat/kitten is placed. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a cat/kitten to any individual based on the information we obtain.

Savannah Cats bond very close with their families .Please think this decision through before making this commitment.

1.Your FIRST & LAST NAME name:

2.What city and state do you reside in?

3.Who resides in your home?

4.Do you have children in the home?Please list ages:

5.Do you currently have any pets? (Please list)

6.What pets have you had in the past?

7.Are you military?

8.Are you able to pick up your Savannah cat?

9.Would you be interested in a male or female?

10.What generation (F1,F2,F3,F4,F5)are you most interested in?

11.May we have your email address & phone # to contact you?

12. Can you provide vet references?

13. What personality are you interested in?

Thanks for inquiring!

Savannah Kittens go through a "fuzzy ugly stage" as kittens.As they mature their coats will become clear,spots will be more pronounced and colors will become brighter.


F2 Savannah Cats Available

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