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The Savannah cat combines the "wild" look of the African Serval with the playful and affectionate disposition of the domestic cat. There are very few Savannahs currently in existence, and the demand for them is quite high. The first documented breeding of an African Serval to a domestic cat was in the mid 1980's. The breed got Registration Status with The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1999 and Evaluation Status with TICA in 2001.

Are Savannah Cats aggressive?!

Because Savannah Cats have African Serval as ancestors doesn't mean they are aggressive. I have all generations of Savannah Cats around our domestic cats ,Bengal Cats,and even elderly cats and they all do well. Every cat ,domestic or not have their own personalities.Some want to be held,some are more reserved.Some more active,some more laid back.Just like our "human" babies,all have different personalities.We try and match the kittens personality with their new families.

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The Savannah Cat personality

The Savannah Cat is a intelligent ,energetic, breed of cat. Savannah cats acts much like a dog. They can learn their name and can be leash trained if started young. Most Savannah Cats even play in water! They are very agile and can most likely jump to the highest place in your home. Savannah cats can open cabinets, find hidden toys, and learn to play fetch. Savannah cats get very attached to their "human" families. Savannah Cats want to be around their families and involved in family activities.Each Savannah Cat has a unique personality. Gender makes no difference in Savannah cat temperament.

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Savannah Cat Care

At Sanura Exotics our Savannah Cats eat high quality cat food with no animal bi-products. Since all cats are carnivores,we feed some raw and some cooked meats (no bone if cooked!).We think a wide variety of food provides optimal health.

Will Savannah Cats use the litter box?! Will they spray If fixed?!

Savannah Cats use a litter box just as any domestic cat does .Momma cat teaches them at a very young age to use the litter box. As far as spraying,any cat male or female will spray if not spayed or neutered at the proper age.All cats need to be fixed around 5 or 6 months of age to prevent spraying or marking of territory. Although some Savannahs male cats are sterile they still have male hormones and need to be fixed .A fixed pet is healthier and happier and will not yearn to be outside like an unfixed cat does.

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The first generation Savannahs (called F-1's) are 50% (or more) African Serval and around 50% domestic cat. The first few generations of male Savannahs are expected to be sterile.

F2 Savannah Cats are at least 25% (or more) African Serval.

F3 Savannah Cats are at least 12.5 % African Serval

F4 Savannah Cats are at least 6.25 % African Serval

F5 Savannah Cats are at least 3 % African Serval


What is the Savannah cats life span?

  Although the Savannah Cat is a relatively new breed, experts estimate life span at 17-20 years.

Savannah Cat Health

The Savannah cat breed is very healthy and there are no known breed-specific, diseases or afflictions to date . They need the same care as any other feline .Savannah cats DO NOT need a special vet to be treated.

We not use Ketamine gas to sedate any of our cats no matter what breed the cat is.

Will my Savannah Cat be registered?

YES! All Savannah Cats and kittens at Sanura Exotics are registered through T.I.C.A.

The International Cat Association

Are Savannah Cats Legal In My State?

Hybrid law

Savannah Cats are legal in most places but every state is different,so PLEASE CHECK! Some localities require permits, and some outlaw the hybrids altogether. Therefore, it is imperative that one checks with local, county AND state authorities BEFORE buying a hybrid cat of ANY kind. Call your local authorities to find out!
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